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American, Arabic-Speaking Lawyers Assisting in U.S. - Iraq Legal Issues

Spartan International Law Group, P.C., based in Dearborn, Michigan, concentrates in providing international legal services to Iraqi and throughout the Middle East. Our Arabic-speaking attorneys facilitate negotiations and break down communication barriers for Iraq - American international business transactions and immigration mattersAssociate attorney Nara Lutfi is a native of Iraq and understands the perspectives and concerns relevant to the Iraqi community. In a world that is increasingly globally interconnected, we care about using our expertise to help make your business and immigration aspirations a reality.

International Business — Iraq

Iraq is well-known to have a significant oil industry that accounts for much of its economic activity. However, Iraq has also been involved in more plans to increase modern infrastructure. For example, two American firms finalized a deal in 2008 to build a new sports complex, Basra Sports City. The Iraqi Ministry of Construction and Housing reached a deal to build commercial and housing developments throughout Iraq. Growing business opportunities mean that potential beneficial relationships among individuals and investors will only increase between the United States and Iraq. Our Arabic-speaking attorneys are available to advise, inform, and assist foreign clients on international business transactions.

Immigration — Iraq

Spartan International Law Group's bilingual attorneys bridge the gap between the United States and Iraq in assisting foreign clients to navigate the American immigration system. Whether you need to prepare an H1-B petition, an EB-5 visa as an immigrant investor, an L1-A manager or executive transfer visa, or an EB-1 or EB-2 work-based visa, we can help you gather the necessary documents, prepare your petition, and follow through on the requirements. Because the U.S. immigration system is complex, it is critical to know precisely which categories your situation could fall into in order to minimize wait times and increase the likelihood of a successful petition.

U.S.A.-based, Arabic-Speaking Attorneys for Iraq

In handling international matters, your attorney not only needs to be well versed in United States law but also needs to have a good grasp on the special concerns and constraints that foreign nationals and immigrants face. At Spartan International Law Group, P.C., our experienced attorneys are committed to providing respected and efficient legal services to help you realize your ambitions. Contact our Dearborn, Michigan law offices today if you need international legal assistance in business or immigration matters.

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