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United States-Based Arabic-Speaking Lawyers Providing Services to Kuwait

Based in Dearborn, MI, U.S.A., Spartan International Law Group, P.C. works with clients throughout the Middle East, including Kuwait. Our Arabic-speaking attorneys are client-focused, and our team works together to best meet client needs. Applying the laws of different countries can complicate matters, but our attorneys will help you navigate these complexities. We can help you with:

International Business - Kuwait

Acknowledging its economic relationship, the United States and Kuwait have signed a trade and investment framework agreement, which established a forum for each country to discuss trade concerns and economic reforms or proposals. Both countries benefit from one another — the United States is the largest goods and services provider to Kuwait, and Kuwait serves as one of the largest markets in the Middle East. The United States benefits from its mutual relationship with Kuwait in many commercial areas, including oil field equipment and services, electric power generation and distribution equipment, telecommunications products, consumer goods, and military equipment. See our international business services.

U.S. Immigration - Kuwait

Maneuvering the immigration laws of the U.S.A. and Kuwait is difficult for anyone who is not experienced in immigration issues. Individuals seeking entry into the U.S. must plan ahead and make sure they are following all the requirements. Spartan International Law Group's bilingual attorneys assist individuals seeking to obtain U.S. visas and green cards, and companies seeking them for their employees, including:

United States Attorneys Assisting Kuwait

Spartan International Law Group counsels, advises, and advocates for clients in international business matters as well as for immigration to the United States. Our experienced attorneys provide assistance in immigration matters for both business and personal purposes. At Spartan International Law Group, we facilitate legal matters between the United States and Kuwait for the benefit of companies, employees, investors, and individuals. Our goal is to position clients to meet their goals.

Our attorneys are committed to providing you with efficient and experienced legal assistance. We welcome you to contact Spartan International Law Group for a consultation today. To see how we can help you, learn more about our practice areas and our attorneys.

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