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Spartan International Law Group, P.C. handles international business and immigration matters widely in the Middle East, including in Lebanon. Spartan’s Arabic-speaking attorneys help to ease communication so that clients can make informed, clear decisions regarding their legal concerns. Not only does our Dearborn, Michigan law firm have the resources to facilitate clear communication, but our attorneys also have cultural ties to the Middle East as well as North America, which help our firm establish relationships based on trust and respect on the global stage. For example, attorney Ibrahim Hammoud is a native of Lebanon and now a Canadian citizen working in the United States.

Realizing Your International Business Ambitions — Lebanon

Lebanon has a significant commercial enterprise sector in urban areas. Agricultural activity accounts for roughly 12% of its economy, boasting the greatest proportion of cultivable land available in the Middle East. Lebanon has the highest proportion of skilled labor in the Middle East, which is helpful for creating cross-cultural business opportunities and exchanges. Lebanon is currently encouraging more investment activity in the country. Other major economic activities include real estate, tourism, oil and natural gas, and the services sectors. Our bilingual attorneys take the time to carefully consider each client’s situation and needs to help reach business goals. Our international business attorneys can provide advice, prepare documents, and assist in preparing and carrying out your business plan.

Clearing Your Path to Immigration — Lebanon

Spartan International Law Group immigration attorneys assist foreign nationals to navigate the American immigration system. Clients have a variety reasons for wanting to come into the United States, and one of the jobs of an experienced immigration attorney is to take the time to understand the client’s situation and goals to best determine a plan going forward. Careful planning makes the difference in terms of financial costs, minimizing strain on family, and limiting wait times. We assist employers, employees, companies, and individuals to prepare documents, file petitions, and stay on top of your applications. For example, we can help with:

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If you need assistance for an international business transaction related to the U.S.A. and Lebanon or you are a foreign national seeking a visa, green card, or citizenship, contact our law offices today to speak with an experienced Arabic-speaking attorney.

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