International Business Law and U.S. Immigration

United States Bilingual Attorneys Serving Qatar Clients in International Legal Matters

At Spartan International Law Group, P.C., our international business and immigration attorneys work with clients in Qatar and throughout the Middle East. Our knowledgeable attorneys speak Arabic and English, and our firm bridges communication in Qatar - American legal matters. Spartan International Law Group is based in Dearborn, Michigan, and we provide efficient, responsive, and professional legal services for our clients globally.

International Business Transactions — It’s Our Business To Help You Reach Your Goals

Although Qatar is a relatively small country in the Middle East, it has the highest GDP per capita compared to the rest of the world. In fact, roughly 14% of all the households in Qatar have net worths of over $1 million. In large part, the high GDP is due to Qatar’s booming natural gas and petroleum industries. Qatar leads in liquefied natural gas exports, and predictions suggest that, over the next ten years, Qatar may invest about $120 billion in the energy industries. Rich natural resources and a unique economy create advantageous potential for business opportunities between the United States and Qatar. Our international business attorneys can meet with you and help you plan the steps you need to take to follow through on complex international business deals.

Immigration Solutions — Arabic-Speaking American Attorneys Provide Representation and Assistance

Spartan International Law Group helps Qatari clients plan and follow through on solutions to immigration matters. Our bilingual attorneys represent individuals, employees, employers, and others to obtain visas, green cards, or citizenship. The process to petition for any change in immigration status is complex, and you need experienced attorneys who are comfortable with the immigration framework as well as your individual needs. Qatar is increasingly attracting back foreign-educated Qataris to work in its industries, and our attorneys can advise Qataris seeking work and study visas in the U.S. on their best options. We can help, for example, with the following:

American Arabic-Fluent Attorneys Assist with Business and Immigration Objectives

Spartan International Law Group is committed to providing effective, knowledgeable, and cost-efficient legal services internationally. If you or someone you know needs to maneuver the legal systems between the United States and Qatar, contact our law offices today.

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